Do you secretly worry about a tap on the shoulder and someone saying “excuse me, why do you have this job? You’re not good enough”?


Do you get anxious about public speaking?


Do you often believe your successes are ‘flukes’ or ‘luck’ and struggle to believe you deserve the success you have achieved? Are you dependent on other people’s approval to feel good in the workplace?


Are you a perfectionist putting incredibly high standards upon yourself, often believing your work is not adequate and then beating yourself up about it?


Do you feel confident voicing your opinion to the leadership team? Do you share your views in meetings? Are you assertive? Do you sometimes say yes when you want to say no?


Maybe you feel generally unfulfilled in life? A feeling that doesn’t make sense. You’ve got a great career, loving family, awesome friends – you question ‘what is there to feel unhappy about?’

If any of these questions resonate then keep reading; you’re in the right place.


► WHAT I DO: I help professionals overcome self-doubt and build resilience to accelerate their careers and create a life they love. I am also hired by companies to deliver confidence related workshops or public speaker at events on the topics of resilience, assertiveness and imposter syndrome.


HOW I GET THINGS DONE: I offer intensive 1-2-1 and group coaching programmes via zoom who want to take their career advancement to the next level. I am specifically trained in confidence and career coaching and have over 15 years’ expertise in psychology, mindset and corporate HR recruitment at some of the world’s largest companies. In a nut shell I’m well-versed to know what it takes to create a successful, fulfilling career.


► RESULTS? Clients I have coached have overcome the fear of public speaking and become more assertive generally. My clients have also become empowered to negotiate pay rises, promotions, gain improved resilience, and also control the sensation of general overwhelm. She’s highly knowledgeable in her specialisms and the results she’s achieved for her clients are testimony to this.

About Angie

I’m Angie McQuillin, I have a BSc Hons degree in Psychology and I’m an MBTI Practitioner. I’m also a trained Confidence and Career Success Coach.


I’m exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced around topics of confidence, assertiveness, and career development, with over 20 years research in my coaching specialisms.


With also over 15 years’ corporate HR and recruitment experience at some of the world’s largest companies, and a little more life experience than I bargained for,


I’m pretty good at the people thing.


With each programme I offer, you get intensive one-to-one coaching sessions. I work closely with you, empowering you to become more self-confident, assertive and how to stop being affected by what other people think or say. During each programme (as well as our one-to-one sessions) you also receive unlimited email or WhatsApp voice messenger support, a copy of the session (which you own forever), additional support of videos, podcasts, blogs and recommended books, tailor-made challenges which keep you accountable.


I work with people all over the world, so I speak to the majority of my clients via Zoom (similar to Skype). This way, you can speak to me from the comfort of your own home, and relax into your sessions. All you need is a laptop and decent wi-fi signal and we’re good to go.

“Angie is professional, knowledgeable and supportive, all the perfect ingredients for a fulfilling coaching experience.”

— N. Embleton, Portishead UK

Which programme suits you best?


About You

I only work with people who are go-getters and committed to lasting change. People who can see how much their lives would be improved if they could overcome the self doubts that hold them back in their personal life and career.


I won’t work with someone who loves the excitement of their life being dramatic, someone who just wants a good rant or someone who is unwilling to take accountable action.

Angie’s helped me to recognise my negative patterns – and more importantly, how to fix them, helping me to feel much more in control of my life.”

— K. Payne, Bath UK

Book a free consultation

If you’re interested in working together I offer a free initial call. This exploratory chat helps us get to know more about each other – don’t worry, it’s non-obligatory. Our chat will give me more information about you and your needs, and you can learn more about my programmes, what I can offer you, and my style of coaching. During this session we can establish if we’re the right fit, and if you’re ready to make changes.


We’ll then have a follow-up call soon after, where we can discuss what came up for you since we last spoke, and if you feel that working together is something you’re keen to do.






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